Eric Jacobsen writes Synapticforest.  A life long writer and lover of stories, Eric combines his passion for science with a search for meaningfully human context.  Grappling with the profound gravity of an expanded awareness of climate change he started to write stories to process what was happening.  A database of facts cannot describe what we feel about these issues, it doesn’t say much about how we sit with our knowledge or how it affects our behaviour.  We are a society inundated with information and Synapticforst is an exploration of what we do with it.

Synapticforst is also a place to get your weekly dose of science news.  Eric loves to sift through the thousands of articles discussed on the internet every week and look for ones that resonate with the grand themes of our times.  He searches out articles that are a piece of our story with the question in mind: who are we, as a species, at this point in time and where are we going?

The discoveries of science are constantly integrated into our consciousness and very often cross applied into all kinds of strange places in our psyches; these concepts change the way we see the world.  Think of relativity and quantum mechanics, post modernity and the collapse of the modernist certainty, the positivist perspective.  Like a quantum wave state under observation, it breaks down. We are now redefining the world in terms of vast subjectivity and multiple truths and now we have multiple universes floating around, out there, somewhere.

Eric likes to remind us that we are living in a new geological era, the anthropocene, defined now by the effect of humans on the global landscape.  We see through satellites and remote sensing, we have probes and rovers in space.  We are more intelligent, powerful and self destructive than we have ever been able to be.

“I am profoundly interested and amused and, at times, abjectly terrified. There is tremendous opportunity. Something is going to happen, it already is happening.”

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